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Refrigerated Air Dryer

We are identified as one of the most reputed Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer Manufacturers and Suppliers, based in the Capital City of India. We provide Refrigerated Air Dryers Using Freon Gas. The superior Refrigerated Air Dryer System provided by us is extremely effective to purify impure compressed air that contains dust, oil, and moisture.

AIR Drying :

These are two basic modes of removal of moisture (drying of air) from compressed air:

  • Adsorption drying.
  • Refrigeration drying.


adsoption drying works on basic principle of mass transfer i.e. adsorption of moisture from compressed air by desiccant like Silica Gel, Activated Alumina or Molecular Sieves. These types of air dryers are economical when extremely dry air having atmoshpheric dew point of -40oC or lower is required. On the other hand, Refrigerated air dryer works on the principle of cooling down air to_3oC by a suitable refrigerant like freon, NH3 Etc. Refrigerated dryers are the best choice for instrument-air applications. SONITECH has expertise in design and manufacture of both the above types of air dryer and depending upon the ultimate use, we can offer suitable dryer, duly selected and designed to meet your specific need.

Enclosed engineering line diagram illustraes the operation of typical SONITECh refrigerated air dryer circuit can be divided into two parts :

  • Air circuits
  • Refrigerant circuit.


Air circuit :
The hot moist air and oil vapour from an air compressor enters into precooler-Reheater (1), where it is pre-cooled by the outgoing cool air, Precooling enhances maximum efficiency of the reRefrigeration unit. This pre-cooled air then enters into an EVoporator(2)and is cooled to +3oC. Moisture and oil vapour are condenced in this Evaporator. Cooled air is then passed throught a moisture seperator(3) and Condenced liquids are drained out by automatic drain(4). From the seperator, the cold dry and pure air flow through the Pr_cooler-Reheater and is reheated by the incoming air. Reheateing increase the volume of air, prevents sweating and lowers the relative humidity of the air. This clean dry air is then available for use.

Refrigerant circuit :
Cold liquid refrigerant absorbs heat from hot compressed air in the Evaporator. As a result, the refrigerant changes its phase from liquid to vapour. Vapourous refrigerant (cold) flow into the Refrigerant compressor (5). The compressor compresses cold, low pressure vapour to hot, high pressure vapour. AIt then flows through the Condenser (6) and is cooled, forming a liquid of nearly ambient temprature. Liquid refrigerant is then collected in a reciever. From there the liquid refrigerant is then collected in a reciever. from there, the liquid refrigerant flows into the expansion valve(7) through a filter dryer. The filter dryer filters the refrigerant and removes any traces of moisture and contaminants which may have been introduced during the cherging of the condensing unit. the expansion valve lowers the pressure and onsequently the saturation point of the liquid refrigerant. This liquid refrigerant absorbs heat from the air being dried and begins to change its phase back to vapour.

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Type Refrigerated Air Dryers
Certification ISO 9001:2015
Application Water Vapor Removing
Weight 20-200 Kg
Color Light Blue
Voltage 220V, 440V
Condition New
Automatic Grade Fully Automatic
Power 1-3kw
Driven Type Electric
Warranty 1yrs
Brand Name Sonitech
Structure Metallic Frame
After-sales Service Provided Yes
Colour Light Blue
cooling type Gas
Liquid Flow Rate 30LPM Onwards
Maximum Working Pressure 10kg/cm2
Refrigerant R22, R134a, R407c

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 1 Piece(s)
Port Okhla
Payment Terms L/C, Other
Delivery Time 2-3 weeks





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